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Since 1997, Cozzolino Group has created and sold textile products for dance, theater, clothing and home furnishings.
We are dedicated to you.
Our catalogue is the result of our constant commitment to search for and select the best fabrics. From dance schools to theater companies, from factories to small fashion houses, for years we have been a reliable partner to those who want quality products with fresh and modern lines. With this site we want to move even closer to our clients. It is a space where you can explore all our products, discover new fabrics and order what you need with just a few clicks. Whether it’s a small supply or a big shipment, it’s simpler than ever to choose and receive the quality of our products directly at your home.

Our company combines the noble Italian tradition
of textile production with an obsessive attention
to design and high-level technical services.

Buying from us saves you money
Cozzolino Group follows Cashback World, the shopping
community that immediately offers you cash back starting at 2%,
which you can spend freely within the community.
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Antonio Cozzolino

When he arrived at the company, Antonio brought a new business vision that is fresh, young and digital. In an industry that is deeply tied to tradition, change is a delicate process that must be managed with knowledge and attention. Antonio knew how to step up the game, leading Cozzolino Group to its 2.0 version, a reference model in the region and industry, adaptation that creates value.

“He loves quality and respects clients, from small tailors to large companies. My father taught me this and this is the way I work”
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